The Team

Assembled individuals from all different backgrounds, tied together by a love for food, people, hospitality, community and rooted in the history & art of the classic concoction.

Carlos Mancera

Executive Chef

A long time friend of Manny, Chef Carlos Mancera also began his service industry experience as a teenager.


While attending school at the Art Institute of Dallas, Carlos started from scratch working his way through the ranks at some of Dallas’ most popular restaurants such as Nana Grill and Stephan Pyles.

This hard work and experience offered Carlos his first opportunity as sous chef at Bolsa, in Oak Cliff under well-known Chef Graham Dodds.


Driven and dialed in for his passion of food, Carlos soon welcomed the title of Saucier, Chef de cuisine and then Executive Chef, a journey in which took him to restaurants such as Boulevardier, Jalisco Norte, Foxyco and lastly Whiskey Cake in Plano TX.

Valuable lessons learned, techniques and the understanding of many cultures are what Chef Carlos says has helped shape his cooking style.


When asked of his plans and goals for CT Provisions, Chef Carlos said…

“We’re now realizing just how fragile our food supply chain; this keeps me focused and motivated. We need to nurture our local farm relationships.”


At CT Provisions our vision of late 1920’s “American” food is just that…. eclectic, innovative and rooted in origin from all around the world.

Manny Casas

General Manager

As a hospitality industry veteran Manny’s vision for this restaurant derived all from service. Not only the service and experience that one offers guests but that which also extends out into the community. “Family and friends will always be at the core of our success.”

Manny’s experience in the restaurant industry started when he was only 16 years old. He bussed tables part-time while selling the Houston Chronicle newspaper door to door. Humbled and unafraid he found success early in each field by understanding one thing……it was and will always be about the people. Soon, Manny welcomed new relationships and new conversations along with a new understanding of the meaning “to serve.”

By the age of 18 he had made the commitment to himself that he would one day open his own restaurant. Each job along the road drove him closer to his goal. Experience at every position in the restaurant groomed him to open his own consulting business, and by 2019 had asked his wife for support in opening his own restaurant. She said yes!


“Vintage, early 1900’s cocktail parlor meets supper club décor and food…. but with our own touch.” Manny said.  American food was born in a melting pot of family traditions blended with culture in a new environment. The food and drink are approachable and recognizable while showcasing elements of our experience in the industry.

McKinney, Thank you for the opportunity. Welcome home!                                                                                                                                                                          

Matt Walker

Head Barman

Matt dove into his first service industry position at the age of 18 while living in Destin, Florida where he humbly began as a busser and barback at The Back Porch. Before he knew it, he was asked to start shucking fresh oysters for guests along with other responsibilities. It was at The Back Porch where Matt first caught a glimpse of the bar staff putting out picture perfect cocktails. Matt asked his boss if he could train upon turning 21 years old…..his boss offered the position without pause.

For the next 6 years Matt ‘s next venture found him honing his bartending skills and rolling sushi at Camille’s on Crystal Beach. His experience led Matt to a position as bar lead with the Cantina Laredo restaurant group in Sandestin, Florida. Soon after he accepted an offer from the company to transfer to Texas in a management role but the passion for cocktails had him wanting to get back behind the bar permanently.

Within a few years he would be sitting in front of Beverage Director Manny Casas at one of his latest ventures…. “I could tell he was passionate and grounded in his cocktail making fundamentals, I saw someone who would always respect ingredients, history and innovativeness like I do, so I hired him”

When asked on Matt’s plans for the bar “I love learning of our past and present use of spirits. The stories of origin and the complex world of making these potions are something I want to pass on to all our guests at CT Provisions.”